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Posted by mrsdurango on December 28, 2010 at 8:56 PM Comments comments (1)

Elton John and husband David Furnish deliver a son by surrogate.

Sir Elton John and David Furnish have become parents to son Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John, the couple tells exclusively.


The baby boy, who was born Dec. 25 in California via a surrogate, weighed 7 pounds, 15 ounces.


"We are overwhelmed with happiness and joy at this very special moment," John and Furnish tell Us in a joint statement. "Zachary is healthy and doing really well, and we are very proud and happy parents."


This is the first child for John, 62, and Furnish, 48. The couple married in 2005 after 12 years together.


A rep for the couple has stated that they intend to protect and respect the privacy of their surrogate, and will not be discussing any details relating to the surrogacy arrangements.

Camille Grammer's Big Haul

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Kelsey Grammer's soon to be ex wife Camille stands to walk away with as much as $50 million in her divorce settlement.

Kelsey and Camille Grammer will divide up a 9-figure pot of gold, and Camille will walk away with more than $50 million ... sources connected with the divorce tell TMZ.


As TMZ first reported, the couple never signed a prenup, which means all earnings during the marriage are divided 50/50.


We're told during their 13 years of marriage, the couple amassed a fortune in excess of $100,000,000. Much of it was invested in real estate. They have homes in the Holmby Hills area of L.A., Malibu, Hawaii, the Hamptons, New York City and Colorado.


Our sources say when they married Kelsey was strapped for cash, but turns out Camille is savvy in the business department and taught Kelsey a thing or two along the way.


One person familiar with their finances says, "They made a lot of smart decisions.


They were really a good team."


Sources say the couple is working out a financial settlement, made complicated by the fact that some of the properties -- like Hawaii -- are in the toilet because of the economy.


We're told no real "Cheers" money is coming in, but "Fraiser" is still a cash register and Camille gets a cut.

TLC?s Chilli wants a Religious man with a high sperm count

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She’s tried every other man that crosses her path (including yours), but now TLC’s Chilli has lowered her standards a bit.

In the 2nd season of her fake dating show, What Chilli Wants, Chilli will put another round of star-crossed men through their paces to see which one has what it takes to win her heart.

The show is purely for entertainment purposes. But in real life, Chilli tells Popeater that she wants a religious man with a high sperm count.

After an unsuccessful attempt to find her dream man, TLC singer Chilli is back for a second season of her hit VH1 reality show, ‘What Chilli Wants.’ But this time around, she’s ditching the blind dates, noting she keeps her 13-year-old son Tron in her mind as she searches for Mr. Right.

“I can’t imagine bringing someone around my son who is not an extraordinary man. He already has an active father [ex-husband Dallas Austin], so whoever is going to be my husband has to be a good figure for my son and add to our family,” she tells PopEater.

But with her biological clock ticking, Chilli admits she’s hoping to find a man soon because she wants more children. “I’m straight up and told all the guys this season I wanted kids. It probably made some of them nervous, but it shouldn’t. I just need to know if we’re on the same page or not because I want more kids,” she adds.



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Looks like Eddie Murphy's ex wife Nicole may have bought one too many pairs of Christian Louboutins because word around these internets is that the ex Mrs. Murphy is going broke.


Eddie Murphy’s ex wife Nicole has blown her massive $15 million divorce settlement in just four years - and now she’s millions of dollars in debt.


What’s more, the IRS has slapped her with five tax liens totally $846,630, and she has put her opulent mansion up for sale.


When Nicole divorced Eddie in 2006 after 13 years of marriage, she chose to take a one-time payout from the comedian of $15 million, instead of monthly alimony. But in a shockingly short span of time, she’s managed to lose all of it.


“Nicole made some bad investments with the fortune she got from Eddie, and now she is in serious financial straits,” said a friend of the 42-year-old stunner.


Court records show that the IRS slapped Nicole with two liens for back taxes in November totaling $214,688.


That huge bill was on top of outstanding judgments against her for nearly $600,000 by a legal firm and another $60,000 demand for payment by a landscaping company. She also owes $5 million on her Los Angeles-area home.


“Nicole is overwhelmed by the mountain of debt she has piled up,” added the source.


Nicole, who has five children with Eddie, invested in an Internet jewelry business, but the venture quickly failed and Nicole lost most of her money.”


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Ne-Yo is being sued for half a million dollars for backing out on a New Year's Eve concert.

R&B star NE-YO has been ordered to court to face charges he cost promoters a fortune after pulling out of a New Year's Eve (31Dec09) party in Seattle, Washington.

Bosses at Wet Entertainment LLC are seeking $500,000 (£333,300) from Ne-Yo and a further $1 million (£666,600) in damages from the star's booking agent, Mike Esterman, for not ensuring his client's appearance and refusing to refund the company's $95,000 (£63,300) deposit.

The Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter allegedly backed out of the 2009 New Year's Eve performance at the last minute, and the promoters claim they were left with a stack of bills, unhappy guests and damaged reputations.

Esterman told MTV News the lawsuit is without merit, but Judge Paul Garvey Goetze, an Associate Judge for the Circuit Court of Anne Arundel County, where Esterman is based, disagreed and denied Ne-Yo's motion to dismiss the suit. Ne-Yo and his team will go to trial in Annapolis, Maryland at the end of July (10).

Wet Entertainment lawyer Jason Brino says, "This matter could have and should have been resolved a long time ago. Our client just wants to be made whole for the monies paid and preparations made for Ne-Yo's appearance."

Hustling Sideways

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The Russian signed an agreement preventing her from getting any of Mel Gibson's money.

Mel Gibson's ex- girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva put her signature to a cohabitation agreement - a legal contract for couples who are not married but are living together - when she was pregnant with the 'Lethal Weapon' star's baby last year, according to

However, the Russian singer has also signed a contract which means Mel is financially responsible for the welfare of their eight-month-old daughter Lucia, although the millionaire actor is yet to cough up for his daughter.

Oksana said: "He is not paying me a penny. I am having to live on credit cards and borrowed money... It is not a good situation."

The couple - who met while Mel was still married to his wife of 28-years Robyn - split in April, and, since the separation, extracts from tapes have been revealed apparently revealing Mel being violent towards Oksana.

A tape recording from January allegedly reveals Oksana asking the 54-year-old actor what he is doing hitting her while she is carrying Lucia, who was born in October 2009.

The 40-year-old singer can apparently be heard on the tape saying: "What kind of man is that who would hit a woman while she is holding a child in her hands, hitting her twice in the face? What kind of man is that?"

To which the 'Braveheart' star answers: "You know what - you f***ing deserved it."

Mel has also been accused of breaking his former partner's teeth during another violent row.

Oksana is also said to be worried about how much time Mel gets to spend with his daughter - and is concerned about her safety while she is in his care.

Mel is now being investigated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department over the domestic violence claims.




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Tiki Barber is being sued by a company he endorses because they say he mislead them about being happily married.

A company that made a deal with famed, retired NFLer Tiki Barber and his wife claims Barber fraudulently passed himself off as "happily married" in order to score some quick cash.

Tricera Revolution, Inc. -- which manufacturers state-of-the-art indoor cycling studios -- alleges in a new lawsuit filed in New York and obtained by TMZ ... it made a deal with Tiki and his wife Ginny, because they were "purportedly a happily-married, celebrity couple who were known to attend indoor cycling classes together."

The company gave the couple stock in return for PR, only to learn later, "...Barber was engaged in an adulterous affair with a twenty-three year old intern, Traci Lynn Johnson and intended to divorce Ginny Barber, with whom he had already fathered two children and who was pregnant at that time with twins."

Short story -- the company claims Barber knew the whole "happily married" thing was a lie when he signed on, and now the promotion is worthless.

Tricera wants to undo the deal and get its stock back from the Barbers.



Ludacris confirmed for next ?Fast & the Furious? movie called ?Fast Five?

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Universal Pictures confirms that Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges is set to reprise his role as Tej Parker (from 2 Fast 2 Furious) in the fifth installment of the Fast & The Furious franchise which is tentatively titled Fast Five. Luda added further confirmation about his role in the film with his latest Tweet:

Fast Five is set to be one of Universal’s biggest productions of the franchise as Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and Tyrese Gibson reprise their roles. And to shake things up a bit, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is on board as a cop in pursuit of Diesel and Walker’s character. Movie is set to release June 10, 2011 with the majority of production taking place in Puerto Rico. Conjure it up!

White Man Shoots A Black Man Then Drags Him For 10 Miles And South Carolina Is Deciding If It?s A Hate

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"Gregory Collins and Anthony Hill - South Carolina Hate Crime"


First Arizona and now South Carolina. Anthony Hill, 30, was shot in the head by Gregory Collins, 19 year-old white male. Then Collins attached Hill to the back of his truck and dragged him for 10 miles… What is really going on in this world???

Newberry County deputies say a man found dead Wednesday morning had been shot in the head and dragged behind a pickup truck, and they’re now investigating to see if this could be a hate crime.

Sheriff Lee Foster identified the victim as 30-year-old Anthony Hill of Winnsboro at a Wednesday afternoon news conference with State Law Enforcement Division Director Reggie Lloyd.

The coroner concluded that Hill died from the gunshot wound.

Earlier in the day, deputies announced they’d arrested 19-year-old Gregory Ashton Collins in connection with the killing and charged him with murder.

Foster and Lloyd say they are investigating the possibility that the incident could be a hate crime. Hill is black, while Collins is white.

The FBI is assisting in the investigation.

“We’re acting with an abundance of caution, and we’re looking at that as one avenue,” Foster said. “It doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a hate crime, or that it will be judged a hate crime, or that it willl be judged a hate crime in the end. We want to go ahead while we’re doing the investigation to have a joint investigation with the FBI, who has jurisdiction over hate crimes.”



Diddy Beats ? Do We Hate It Or Love It?!?!

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"Diddy Beas"


Diddy Beats are what you need if you love to have your music on the go. I had the opportunity to check out the newest edition to the Beats by Dre family, which were created to give you the same sound of music that you would find in a recording studio.

Beats by Dre were created because Dre felt that people weren’t hearing all the music.

Artists and producers work hard in the studio perfecting their sound. But people can’t really hear it with normal headphones… With Beats, people are going to hear what the artists hear, and listen to the music the way they should: the way I do.”

Diddy Beats give you exactly that… They are easy to carry and gives you the fullness of the music without missing a beat. I tested them for a week. I went from Atlanta to L.A. and back then hit the gym and were extremely impressed with how they canceled out any surrounding noise. The Diddy Beats were also made to be used with an iPhone, which allows you to carry on a conversation without stopping what you’re doing. Now they are not cheap by far but they are worth the money…

Venus And Serena Williams Still Makin? It Rain On Them Hoes? French Open Win Makes Fourth Major Doubles Title In A Row!!!

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Venus and Serena Williams Win the French Open Doubles Title


Venus and Serena Williams have done it again!!! The sisters won their fourth consecutive major doubles title Friday at the French Open in Paris. Pop the hood for details

“A Williams slam,” Serena called it.

The sisters earned their 12th Grand Slam title by beating Katarina Srebotnik and Kveta Peschke 6-2, 6-3.

“It’s really tough when you play one Williams,” Venus said. “When you play two, it’s really not an easy win.”

The sisters will be ranked No. 1 in doubles for the first time next week in a partnership that began in the 1980s. They laughed as they reminisced about learning to play doubles.

“My dad told Venus to cross more, and so I think she got upset, and she crossed when the person was serving,” Serena said. “Dad told me I had to play the forehand, because I was young and I was smaller, and then he put Venus on the backhand. It has been like that ever since. That was 20 years ago?”

“At least,” Venus said.

It’s the siblings’ second French Open doubles championship, with the other coming in 1999. For several years they played little doubles, but they plan to keep playing together at the major tournaments.

“We just realize what it’s like to have that major title next to your name, and it’s pretty addictive,” Venus said.

“When you’re out there and you’re playing singles, it’s a great feeling obviously,” Serena said. “But also to play doubles with someone that’s your sister, your flesh and blood, that’s even better.”

The victory compensated at least somewhat for the sisters’ disappointment in singles. No. 1-ranked Serena lost in the quarterfinals, and No. 2 Venus lost in the fourth round.

Congratulations ladies!

T-Pain And Roscoe Dash Shoot The Video For Their New Disney Single, Talk Collaboration And Music

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T-Pain and Roscoe Dash shot the video to their upcoming new single in Atlanta this weekend called “I Got My Own Steps”

Gays In The Military ?Don?t Ask, Don?t Tell? Policy Is On Its Way Out The Window? Good Idea or Bad Idea???

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"Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy"


Since 1993 the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy has been in effect. When it comes to sexual preference, if someone is not heterosexual the military does not want to know about it, let alone allow them to talk about it. President Obama feels that this policy is no longer needed, and the House of Representatives agrees.

Al Gore And Tipper Are Breaking Their Union, Political Power Couple Separating

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Al Gore and Tipper Gore Separate


Al Gore and wife Tipper are separating:

Former Vice President Al Gore and his wife, Tipper, are separating after 40 years of marriage.

According to an email circulated among the couple’s friends and obtained by the Associated Press on Tuesday, the Gores said it was “a mutual and mutually supportive decision that we have made together following a process of long and careful consideration.”

Gore spokeswoman Kalee Kreider confirmed the statement came from the Gores but declined to comment further.

Another one bites the dust….

?Are We There Yet?? Hits The Small Screen In Brand New TBS Series?Premieres Tonight 9PM EST!!

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TBS is premiering it’s latest family comedy sitcom “Are We There Yet?” tonight, based on Executive Producer Ice Cube’s popular movie starring funnyman Terry Crews, Essence Atkins, and more.

Check Out more details and the “Are We There Yet?”

Gucci Mane Rocks An Iced Out Little Black Boy? Ignorance or Black Power?!?!

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"Gucci Mane"

Gucci Mane hit the stage at the Best of the Best Concert with Diddy, Officer Ricky and Nicki Minaj in Miami. Out of all the things Gucci could spend his money on, he decided to ice out what looks like the little black character from South Park. Is this his way of supporting the black community or…

Is This Just Pure Ignorance?!??

"Diddy Gucci Mane Rick Ross"

Nas To Judge And Kelis? Straight Up: ?I Can?t Pay This Wingless Bird $10,000 A Month!?

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Everyone knew problems were on the horizon with Nas having to pay $10 G’s a month to Kelis for spousal support and a gang more in back support. Well, all of his money is hid now and his lawyer made a request to the judge:

As we first reported, a court ordered Nas last month to pay more than $87,000 in back spousal and child support. The judge also ordered Nas to pay Kelis $10,000 a month in spousal support to stay current. It’s unclear how much Nas is required to pay in monthly child support.

Nas says in the new legal docs obtained by TMZ … the judge predicated the order on Nas making $152,031 a month, but the rapper says he makes “substantially less than that amount.” Nas’ lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is asking the judge to take another look at the damage.

Kelis is making just as much as Nas these days. The Cali law is tore back, that’s probably why she duped him into this court system. SMH


Ice Cube sad Eazy-E won?t be around for NWA movie

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Now that the official NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton has a critically acclaimed writer on board, you can expect a lot more updates about the project here at WoooHa. Ice Cube, who is producing the film alongside Eazy-E’s widow, is definitely taking the lead in ushering the project in. He recently spoke to MTV about the upcoming movie as well as his documentary Straight Outta LA and how he wishes Eazy was here to see it all happen.

Link to the video

Columnist Compares ?Tea-bagger? to the N-Word

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A columnist for the conservative newspaper Washington Times is trying to make the case that the term “tea-bagger,” used to describe people in the Tea Party movement, is just as nasty and offensive as the N-word.

In her column “Inside the Beltway,” Jennifer Harper also suggests that President Obama himself is the biggest offender of the word’s use.

She wrote:

Though he aspires to promote civility, evidence has surfaced that President Obama has added “tea-bagger” to his public lexicon, though it’s considered a cheap and tawdry insult by “tea party” activists. Watchdogs at Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) barked when they saw the proof, tucked in a sneak peak of Newsweek columnist Jonathan Alter’s new book, “The Promise: President Obama, Year One,” to be released May 18. Indeed, it appears the president joined certain partisan critics and the liberal media, and took the tea-bag plunge.

“This remark is the equivalent of using the ‘n’ word. It shows contempt for middle America, expressed knowingly, contemptuously, on purpose, and with a smirk. It is indefensible to use this word. The president knows what it means, and his people know what it means. The public thought we reached a new low of incivility during the Clinton administration. Well, the Obama administration has just outdone them,” ATR president Grover Norquist tells Inside the Beltway.

What Harper doesn’t note is that the term “tea-bagger” was embraced during the early days of the Tea Party movement, and was only rebuked when they discovered it was more commonly known for its sexual connotation and was being used to mock them.

Several bloggers have come out swinging against Harper’s column. Alex Balk at says Norquist comparing “tea-bagger” to the N-word “casually dismisses three centuries of dehumanization, violence, and intimidation in the world’s most pathetic attempt to manufacture outrage.”

Jason Linkins of the Huffington Post sums it up with this: “The “n”-word represents only the tip of the iceberg of the cruelty that has been visited upon black people in America. On the other hand, the word “tea-bagger” represents the full extent to which anyone has been cruel to the Tea Partiers.”