Al Gore And Tipper Are Breaking Their Union, Political Power Couple Separating

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Al Gore and Tipper Gore Separate


Al Gore and wife Tipper are separating:

Former Vice President Al Gore and his wife, Tipper, are separating after 40 years of marr...

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Kiely Williams is officially not a Cheetah girl anymore. She's now a full fledged slut and proud of it. Kiely wrote a song about a drunken one night stand, got her cousin Ray Ray to hold the video camera and launched her new car...

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Tiger Woods? kindergarten teacher to hold press conference w/ Gloria Allred

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Tiger Woods


When I first read this story I was hoping it was a late April Fool’s joke, because it’s just so ridiculous. According to TMZ, Tiger Woods’ former kindergarten teacher is going to hold a press conference with Gloria Allred this morning at 10:30 Pacific in order t...

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The Epitome Of Class And Grace

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Somebody showed that groupie blogger Kat Stacks how to upload a Youtube video so now you can see just how classy and well spoken she really is.

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T-Pain Punks Out

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T-Pain punks out and apologizes to Hova for getting out of pocket in Vegas, but actually makes some good sense. We always clown T-Pain, but he is obviously maturing to the point where things are in more of a r...

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Ebony magazine has quietly been put up for sale. I can think of so many people that graced the cover of this mag more times than I cared to see, and some that never made it, but should...

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Whitney Tells Oprah She Wore PJ?s for 7 Months Straight

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During her interview with Oprah which airs next week, Whitney dished about how she wore nothing but Pajamas for 7 months during the height of her drug use.

The ATL Housewives Does Ellen

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The ATL Housewives detoured to?LA for the Ellen show yesterday and they brought a lot more...

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was sentenced to 75 years for his role in a robbery gone wrong that ended in murder.

I thought he was facing 20 years... 75 years DAMN!!!

He sure has suffient time to r...

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