Al Gore And Tipper Are Breaking Their Union, Political Power Couple Separating

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Al Gore and Tipper Gore Separate


Al Gore and wife Tipper are separating:

Former Vice President Al Gore and his wife, Tipper, are separating after 40 years of marr...

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Columnist Compares ?Tea-bagger? to the N-Word

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A columnist for the conservative newspaper Washington Times is trying to make the case that the term “tea-bagger,” used to describe people in the Tea Party movement, is ju...

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Man Who Received Face Transplant Goes Public

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I read about this sad case last week and I honestly thought the surgical outcome would be different. Is this really an improvement over how he used to look? And why do patients who receive face transplants feel the need to go public with their new faces?

A young man whose face had been disfigured by tumors proudly stood before the media this week.

“I am full of joy and happiness,” the man, identified onl...

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Not Paying Your Taxes Is Dumb !

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Steve Harvey says F-U to the tax man.

That's why the IRS filed a $2,159,204 lien against his company, Wonder Love Inc., on March 8 with the Cook County (Ill.) Recorder of Deeds.

300,000 IPADS Sold Saturday

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They say a sucker is born every minute. Well, on Saturday, 300,000 suckers paid around $500 to be the proud owners of an oversized iPod Touch that can’t even connect to the Internet without a WiFi hot spot.According to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, over 300,000 of the WiFi iPads were sold on Saturday. That estimate includes the...

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S. Epatha Merkerson is leaving ?Law & Order? after 16 years

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I honestly feel like crying. Lt. Van Buren is leaving Law & Order! SOB. I know I sound like such a geek, but I don’t give a sh-t anymore. My name is Kaiser (not really) and I love cop shows (for real). I love Law & Order, and SVU and Criminal Intent, and whatever else they’re going to throw at me. But the original La...

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